Best hot springs to visit in Iceland

One of Iceland’s truly relaxing features is its hot springs. Hot springs are water bodies heated naturally by geothermal energy from the center of the earth. It might therefore sound ironic that such features can exist among the icy glaciers, but you will be pleasantly surprised.

The temperature in Iceland’s natural hot springs is usually around 37 degrees Celsius (100 degrees Fahrenheit). Swimming in the hot springs should provide an unforgettable experience, and your muscles will thank you. Below are just a few of the finest hot springs for you to explore during your next trip to Iceland:

Sky Lagoon

The Sky Lagoon is one of the best hot springs in Iceland to dip your feet in. It is surrounded by the unique aspects of Iceland, including its history and heritage, and offers visitors a dramatic view of the North Atlantic Ocean. Even better, you experience the Ritual, a soothing seven-step experience of the ancient Icelandic bathing cultures.

If you love breathtaking sunsets, you will enjoy the show while enjoying a dip. If you are lucky, the Northern lights may come forth for an unforgettable show. You can choose among several packages ranging between ISK7900-ISK30,000  ($55-$110) to enjoy the Sky Lagoon.

reykjadalur valley

Reykjadalur Steam Valley

The Reykjadalur Steam Valley is essentially a stream of mud pits and hot springs, one of Iceland’s most popular bathing spots. Its proximity to the capital also makes it excellent for tourists arriving from all over the world to savor what it has to offer.

You will have to sacrifice about an hour’s worth of hiking to get to the truly good spots. Here, you can shift between the hot and cold water gradient until you find a spot whose temperature hits best. You also want to bring a bag as this natural spot has no changing room! Even better, here, admission is absolutely free.

Kvika Geothermal Footbath

If you do not fancy a full dive, visit the Kvika Footbath instead. Here, tourists only dip their feet in the soothing waters while feasting their eyes on the amazing Northern Lights and spectacular sunsets. This location is perfect for family vacations and romantic getaways. Visiting the footbath is free, and since there are no changing facilities, you might want to avoid getting wet!

hot spring in Iceland


This is one of the smaller hot springs in Iceland that is the perfect romantic getaway. It is so small that only two (or three) people can fit in at a time. But, again, since it is located on the Sæfellsnes Peninsula, it is hard to spot and far removed from all the chaos. This unique feature has been described as a ‘hole in the ground that is full of hot water’ but is still super attractive for people looking to give their significant other a real treat. No payment is required, but be prepared to, again, change in your car as there are no changing rooms!


These rugged Icelandic places will relax and stun you simultaneously, which is why you should add them to your itinerary during your next vacation.