Choose between the following options when it comes to payment

Pay directly online via a secure payment system with Visa or Mastercard. After choosing the vehicle to rent and the rental period along with the extras, proceed to "book this vehicle" on the booking page. In payment details, choose "credit card" under payment method. If customer has sufficient funds on his/her credit card, the transaction is processed immediately, and the customer receives confirmation of the payment. If funds are insufficient funds, the customer receives an error message. If that happens, the customer can redo the booking using the process previously described. If a booking is made with several weeks or months advance, the customer receives an "early-bird" discount from his final payment as shown in the online calculations. All rentals that are pre-paid by this method also carry a full refund guarantee up until 48 hours before the rental period starts. After that time passes, no refunds are paid. Early returns are not refundable but unused rental days can be used as rental voucher for a second rental, valid for 365 days from the rental end date

Select "Phone-in/Bank Transfer" under payment method. This will generate a booking confirmation number and reserve the car for 48-hours. Send the booking confirmation number to and by return you will be sent bank transfer details to make the payment. Bank transfer payments are subject to a €10 admin fee.


We normally store your credit card number for our safety while the vehicle is out on rental. If a customer doesn’t have a credit card we will take a cash deposit to cover the insurance excess liability instead.

To limit the excess liability cash deposit we require the renter to purchase Geysir's Insurance Offer, which will reduce your excess to 100,000 ISK, or 150,000 ISK for a 4WD vehicle. The cash deposit is used to cover this amount and is returned if there are no damages. The rates for the Insurance Offer vary from vehicle to vehicle and you can see the costs if you go to our website and look up the type of vehicle you have chosen.


We securely store your credit card number for 180 days after your rental ends with our payment company. Your card details are never stored in our systems nor at our premises. We use our payment processing provider for storage and later, if we need to access the card with a special key issued by our payment provider. This way we can charge any post rental charges to your card without ever having your actual card details in our office or on our systems. The only charges we would need to deal with after the rental period would be things like a speeding or parking fine surfacing after you had left the country. Any damages to the vehicle would be dealt with when you return the vehicle. You should make sure that the card used for the rental can cover the maximum excess charge for the rental should any damage occur