AT GEYSIR we like our customers to be well prepared for their special Iceland experience, so we would like to ask you to apply your full attention at all times when driving in Iceland.

Driving tips and regulations for Iceland

  • – Wearing seatbelts (front and rear seats) is required by law.
  • – Headlights must be ON at all times while driving.
  • – Off-road driving is ILLEGAL. Heavy fines are issued if caught.
  • – ONLY 4×4 vehicles are allowed on F-roads.
  • – Keep within the speed limits. Speeding fines are horrendously expensive!
  • – Keep a tight hold of the car door when opening in heavy wind. Wind damages are very expensive.
  • – Check the filler cap to see what type of fuel you should put into the car.
  • – It is dangerous to stop the car on the side of the road.
  • – Your mobile phone is not a reliable GPS navigation system in Iceland.
  • – Be aware that animals (sheep, horses, reindeer) may be on the road in rural areas.
  • – If you get a parking ticket, pay it as soon as possible at any bank.

The Ring Road and F-roads

The total length of the ring road (R1) is about 1,332km, is mostly paved and is easy to drive on, but in parts it can be narrow and requires your concentration. The mountain roads (F-roads) are closed during the winter and are often impassable well into the summer. Conditions can vary and can change quickly on F-Roads if there is snow, ice, or heavy rain resulting in deep pot holes and rocks lying in the road, so great awareness is required of the driver. Such condition can cause damages, especially to the underbody of the car, which is not covered by our insurance, so please drive carefully!

Emergency roadside assistance (+354 455 0000)

If the car malfunctions due to normal wear and tear, or for other reasons beyond the renter´s control, Geysir shall supply the renter with a comparable vehicle as soon as is possible, or arrange to have repairs done as soon as can be arranged by a Geysir service partner. A refund will be made for a lost rental day if the renter is deprived from using rented car for a period over 24-hours. Geysir will assist you with all other problems with the car, but at the renters responsibility and cost.

Before heading out on your journey always take a careful look at the weather forecast and road conditions. All you need to know is found here:

en.vedur.is – The weather forecast for Iceland. The three maps on the front page tell all. Always check the wind speed map first! As well as all the pertinent weather information you need for the day there is also a mine of information on the site, including earthquake activity and where in the country the Aurora might be seen.

road.is – Has detailed, colour coded information about all the roads in Iceland and the conditions are updated regularly. There is also another page that shows the location of over 100 webcams that each gives several views of the road and surroundings.

safetravel.is – SafeTravel provides lots of useful information about travelling safely in Iceland whether by road, overland or sea.