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We've been in the business of renting out cars for a long time now. With age comes experience and we feel it's long overdue that we share some of our experience with future Iceland explores. On the Geysir Blog we'll share travel stories from ourselves and experienced travellers who we've collaborated with through the years. We hope you can find some inspiration in our blog and if any questions arise don't hesitate to ask.

A Guide to Akureyri: the Capital of North Iceland

If you were waiting for the boom in Iceland tourism to slow […]

How Expensive is Iceland? 7 Financial Facts about Visiting the Country

When you want to travel to the Land of Fire and Ice, […]

Your Ultimate Guide to Visiting Iceland in January

For many of us, by the time the holidays are […]

Things to do in Iceland during Snowstorms

The weather in Iceland They say if you don’t like the weather […]

Where and when can I see the Northern Lights?

Iceland has seen a massive surge in tourism. Over 2.3 million visitors […]

Þorsmörk is CLOSED! issued a warning for people to stay away from Þorsmörk because […]

The Best Road Trip in Iceland


Driving an Electric Car in Iceland

With the energy exchange being an actual thing, Geysir is leading the […]

The Dream Drive Collection

Our idea of a great Iceland adventure starts and ends with the […]

Roy’s Road Trip – South Iceland

THE SOUTH ICELAND  ( The expanse of country along South Iceland between Selfoss […]

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