Top 10 things to do in Iceland in March

Did you know that the word “geyser” comes from Iceland?

Watching geysers blow is just one of many fun things to do in Iceland. Tourists come from all over to see geysers, volcanoes, and hear tell of the elves many Icelanders claim to be real.

The old Icelandic calendar listed March as a winter month because the calm, snow-tipped views last well into April.

March is also one of the nation’s least busy times for tourism, allowing you to enjoy Iceland without the crowds.

Below are some amazing things to do in Iceland in March. We also include ways to make your trip budget-friendly!

Iceland game of thrones river

Game of Thrones filming locations

If you want to see the lands beyond the wall or learn how the cast and crew of GoT went about filming, look no further!

Iconic scenes from the show took place in Iceland. While you may not see fire-breathing dragons, you will see why this beautiful landscape brought Westeros to life. Many fans of GoT put this in their top 10 things to do in Iceland.

The South Coast is where Jon Snow rode a dragon into battle. North Iceland features Jon Snow and Ygritte’s love cave and a haunted forest. Don’t worry- the forest was only haunted in the show!

Superfans can arrange a self-driven tour. You can drive past Olly’s village, the Blood Gate, and the vast countryside. If you get too chilly, you can always warm up by hitting the hot springs.

As if the sights weren’t enough, you can also learn about similarities between the show and Icelandic folklore. You may be surprised at how much overlaps!

Geyser strokkur

Golden Circle

The Golden Circle is a major talking point for those who have visited Iceland. Nearly every tour provider makes sure to include this renowned destination.

The Golden Circle is made of three different locations, all of which you can visit the same day by car

Þingvellir National Park is the first stop. Some of those famous GoT scenes were filmed here! With the gorgeous views wrapped in snow-capped mountains, you can see why they chose this famous park.

Viewing the Gullfoss waterfall is one of the top things to do in Iceland. The waterfall has two falls that come together in the Southwestern part of Iceland.

The Geysir Geothermal Area is physics performing at its best. Geothermal waters surround a geyser to form a line of hot springs.

Iceland Humpback whale tail

Watch for whales

Animal lovers from all over will enjoy the abundance of marine life found in Iceland.

For the best chance of seeing whales up close, you will want to find a guided whale watching tour.

A crew will sail along the coast and hit several whale-friendly spots along the way. You may also see dolphins, orcas, and other sea creatures.

Lovers of luxury will be pleased with the cruise ships available. You and a small group can sail past Faxaflói Bay, a group of small islands off the coast.

Before booking, check with the captain or customer service. They will let you know what kind of weather they are expecting on your desired travel dates.

Most businesses will refund your tickets or some equivalent if poor weather prevents their ship from sailing.

Iceland northern lights

Northern Lights

Despite being a popular tourist destination, few people know what causes the Northern Lights.

The Norse used to say that the light came from the Valkyries’ glinting armor.

Northern natives like the Inuit believed that the lights danced with joy to show that the dead were at peace. The brighter the light, the more joy the dead had to share.

As for the science of it, the explanation is pretty simple. Solar particles are actually ionized as they enter the earth’s magnetic field, causing lights that appear to dance in the sky.

Although interpretations differ, few deny what a magical sight it is to see. March is a great month to catch some solar activity.

You can either hunt for the Northern Lights independently or with a guide. Many people enjoy taking a boat and watching the reflected light dance on the water. 

Visit glacier and ice caves

Have you ever hiked a glacier? If not, put it on your to-do list. This once-in-a-lifetime experience typically costs less than a hotel. 

If you plan to bring children along, you can still enjoy a glacier’s rare beauty.

Hidden within the Vatnajökull glacier’s underbelly are crystal blue ice caves. This naturally-formed cave will take your breath away. The typical cave tour takes a few hours and is available through March.

Another famous glacier is Myrdalsjokull, which holds the Dragon Glass Katla Cave. You can see the mountains from within the cave and the bright blue sky overhead.

Navigate an untouched landscape

Geysir is also one of the oldest national car rental businesses in Iceland. Named after Iceland’s world-famous geyser, our rentals give you the freedom to explore natural beauty at your own pace.

You can choose from a variety of compact cars for your basic travel needs. Large groups will enjoy the spacious SUV options available at a low cost.

Those looking for adventure can easily rent a Jeep for a day or an extended trip.

Our bestselling models include the Suzuki Jimmy (great for seeing the sights through wide windows), as well as the user-approved Jeep Renegade for any and every terrain.

Drive by glaciers, past mountain ranges, and through the countryside! Our rentals come with winter tires anytime between November and mid-April.

Secret Lagoon

The Secret Lagoon is the oldest swimming pool in Iceland.

Located in a village named Fludir, the pool’s natural surroundings invite anyone looking for a magical time.

The area is made of several geothermal spots. Our famous Geysir provides a bit of entertainment for guests enjoying the hot springs.

If you are looking for a real treat, you can view the northern lights from the warmth of your own hot spring.

When you aren’t relaxing, you can use their walking path to explore the spouting, sometimes boiling spots around the springs.

Lava tunnel

You can follow a guide through fields of lava on horseback. You can also go through numerous tunnels formed by the Leitahraun eruption near the Bláfjöll mountains.

Raufarholshellir is one of the longest and most well-known lava tunnels in all of Iceland. At 3,000 ft in length, the natural wonder is open year-round for visitors to explore and learn about volcanic eruptions.

Raufarholshellir is just a half-hour from Reykjavik. Formed thousands of years ago, the tunnel can contain beautiful ice sculptures in the wintertime.

You may even see some volcanic activity on your travels, as several volcanoes in Iceland are known to occasionally erupt. There is little more exciting than seeing a small volcano throw ash and heat into the bright open air!

Explore outdoor art

If you’re looking for amazing art, look no further than Reykjavik!

Reykjavik features hundreds of art installations, many of which are outdoors for the public to appreciate as they go about their day.

The accessibility of the city’s art installations allows you to browse at your leisure. You will also uncover much about Iceland’s history and cultural vibrancy.

One of the most famous works of outdoor art Bertel Thorvaldsen’s sculpture of Adonis. You can stand next to a Greek legend- and look out at the pond with him!

Jón Gunnar Árnason’s Sun Voyager is a sight to behold. The giant skeleton of a ship points out to sea and sits just above the water. Once you see this piece and Mount Esja in the background, you won’t want to look away!

Top things to do in Iceland: Eat like a local

The best things to do in Iceland involve local food.

Don’t worry: you won’t be eating things like fermented shark bits. If anything, you’ll find that Iceland’s bakeries and seafood rival that of other European food scenes.

Take Rekjavik, for example. Reykjavik is known for its exquisite food and vibrant culture, including food walk tours.

Most food tours last a few hours. A local foodie will take you to a handful of highly-rated restaurants.

You can try foods like fresh arctic char and rye bread ice cream. You may even get to sample Iceland’s version of the classic hot dog!

Natural beauty is a rental away

There may be a long list of things to do in Iceland, but you can’t go wrong with a road trip and an open mind. All of them are likely to take your breath away.

As if off-season pricing isn’t enough of a draw, the improving weather will make it easy to drive without worrying about road conditions.

Our rentals make it easy for you to start planning your itinerary without worrying about transportation. Renting a car will make it easy for you to change your plans or route as needed so you can get the most out of Iceland in March.

Be sure to check out our vehicle listings for the latest models and discounts. You deserve to experience the best driving experience available. Happy travels! Your Iceland vacation awaits!