Geysir self service pickup information

Geysir Self service pickup at the Keflavik International Airport is available 24/7 so you can pick up and drop off your rental car at any time.

If you would like to use our self service pickup please contact Geysir via email on info@geysir.is

If you already got an email regarding our self service, please follow these steps when you arrive at our office.

Step 1: Before you arrive

Check your email. First we will send you an email with your rental agreement minimum 12 hours before your arrival. After the agreement is signed you will receive an email with the pickup instructions. This email is sent out minimum 6 hours before your pickup time.

Step 2: When you arrive

When you arrive at Keflavik Airport in Iceland, please make your way over to the Geysir office. We have an official car rental shuttle that runs from the airport to our office between 05:00 – 18:00. If you arrive outside the shuttle service hours, you can easily walk over to the Geysir office just 500m outside the terminal.

Step 3: Arriving at Geysir Keflavik Airport Office

After you arrive at our Keflavik Airport Office you will see a key box mounted on the wall. You should already have an email with a code for the Key box.

Simply select “Key Pickup” on the screen and enter your keycode.

The key box is conviniently located inside our lobby. It is now open 24/7

Step 4: Adventure awaits

After you enter the code a box will open with the keys to your rental car. Simply take the keys and start your adventure.

If you run in to any problems please contact the emergency phone number located on the selfservice key box.