AT GEYSIR WE have always cared about the environment, and especially about what we have here at home on our wonderful island. We would like to tell you about a new initiative that we are very excited about and are sure that our customers would like to become involved in this worthy project.

The idea for Geysir´s Carbon Neutral Initiative came from a conversation over coffee about the owners´ family planting of young trees on the land surrounding their summer house. We have decided to expand on this and plan to plant as many (or state a number) trees as possible during the next five years. We hope this will contribute to making a cleaner environment, to offset some of the effects of the combustion engine has on the earth and to help in the reforestation programmes going on around Iceland.

The planting will begin this spring, which comes late in Iceland! We hope to put the first saplings, birch and blue fir, in the ground in May. If you would like to be part of this wonderful giving back to nature here´s what you will get:

  • For every tree planted by Geysir, a tree of your choice will be planted in your name.
  • The cost is €9 per tree
  • You will receive an annual report about the project
  • A list of benefactors will be published on our website once the project is established
  • As a donor you will be given special offers on a car rental if you come back to Iceland

We hope that you will join us in giving Mother Nature a helping hand. Planting a tree now is a wonderful gift for the generations who will follow us.

What is Carbon Neutral?

Carbon neutral, also called carbon neutrality, is a term used to describe the action of organizations, businesses and individuals taking action to remove as much carbon dioxide from the atmosphere as each puts in to it. For example, a business may plant trees in different places around the world to offset the electricity the business uses. This practice is often called carbon offset or offsetting.

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Help Geysir’s carbon offsetting programme and give some back to the environment. Join us in giving nature a helping hand and leave a gift to future generations by planting a tree in Iceland.