April weather in Iceland: What to expect for your travels

Iceland is a land of extreme heat and extreme cold, with icy mountains and boiling geysers. Located at the top of the North Atlantic Ocean, within a snowball’s throw of the Arctic Circle, Iceland’s weather isn’t always straightforward. 

Visiting Iceland in the shoulder seasons is a great idea if you want plenty of daylight but are keen to avoid summer crowds. The April weather can be challenging as it differs each year and keeps visitors on their toes. The start of the month is still a good time to spot the aurora borealis though, so it’s an ideal time to visit. 

Before you begin packing for your Iceland vacation in April, you’ll need to know what weather you can expect. Keep reading and we’ll explain it all. 

Iceland’s temperature in April

April is the first month of the year in Iceland to have an average temperature above freezing. You’ll normally experience temperatures between 33°F and 45°F (1°C and 7°C) although it can drop a little below at the beginning of the month. 

Much of the temperature variation you’ll experience will be down to the wind chill factor. When the wind is blowing, temperatures can feel considerably colder. 

Waterfall seljalandsfoss

Sun, wind, rain and sun

The days are much longer in April and the country gains over 6 extra minutes of daylight each day throughout the month. This means that you get around 13 hours on the 1st and almost 17 hours on the 30th!


The days might be longer but the sun itself isn’t always forthcoming. On average, Iceland has around 5 hours of sunshine each day in April. As the weather is changeable, one day may be heavily overcast and the next could be perfect sunshine. 

If you visit in the first half of the month and the day has been sunny, you may well spot the aurora at night if the skies remain clear. 


Iceland experiences around 18 days of rainfall in April on average. While this sounds like a lot, that doesn’t mean it’s constant rain for those days. The clouds and rain squalls often provide stunning, dramatic lighting over the landscape here and if you’ve hired a motorhome, you’ll be perfectly sheltered to watch the views. 


The average wind across Iceland in April decreases from around 13 mph to 11 mph over the month but each April can bring different winds. As wind can make the temperature feel colder, it’s important to dress for it. 

Iceland moss and lava

What to pack for Iceland in April

When visiting Iceland in April, always pack warm clothes and prepare for rain and wind. Gloves, scarves, hats, and warm boots are also a good idea.

Windproof and waterproof outerwear will allow you to explore the rugged landscape of Iceland without being put off by the changeable weather too. 

Prepare for Iceland’s April weather and enjoy your vacation in comfort

April weather in Iceland is a mixture of sunshine, clouds, and rain. This creates the dramatic backdrops behind the already impressive landscape and is part of why this island is so beautiful. 

Always pack warmly and prepare for cold temperatures. If you want to spot the aurora, remember that the night gets colder so you’ll want extra layers. 

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