The Dream Drive Collection

Our idea of a great Iceland adventure starts and ends with the car and therefore we like you to have the dream drive in your dream car. We are first of all huge car enthusiasts here at Geysir and one might say that our car selection is a reflection of that. By offering a wide range of new and well maintained American, European and Asian cars that meet all the requirements of motoring conditions in Iceland. We choose all our car brands carefully, from the small economy vehicles to large 4×4 beasts and motorhomes in various sizes. In addition we photograph our own vehicles so what you see on our website are in most cases the actual vehicles we offer.

Have the Drive of your Dreams

The Geysir Dream Drive collection is a selection of our favourite and most exclusive cars. We feel that to experience the ultimate Iceland adventure, the trip will need a dream ride from the Geysir Dream Drive collection.
Like we mention above, we’re huge car enthusiasts here at Geysir and the Dream Drive Collection is hand-picked to meet the standards of our wet vehicle dreams. We’re not only talking luxury cars here – beeing in Iceland we have modified 4×4 beasts to take on everything Iceland has to offer and recently we decided to take a peek into the future by adding small, cheeky electric cars to our fleet.
So enough with the introduction, let’s check out some cars!

Dream Drive
-F-road edition-

The Jeep Wrangler

Everyone likes the Wrangler. For many a Wrangler isn’t just a car, it’s a lifestyle. The design hit the jackpot in first try and they haven’t made many changes to it ever since. The Jeep badge is linked to freedom, adventure, authenticity and passion – everything you need for a true Iceland adventure.

Dream drive Iceland jeep wrangler

Click the image to see mor of the Jee Wrangler

From the early 2000’s we have offered the Jeep Wrangler. Today we have two models available in two different price categories.

We have the manual transmission, 2 door Wrangler Sport from 2015, maintained up to our strictest standards to keep them going far into the future.

Then we have the new 4 door, 2017 model, automatic transmission Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sahara edition.

Added to our fleet in the winter of 17/18, these cars are new and reliable, ready to take on the Icelandic highland.

dream drive iceland Jeep unlimited

Click the image to see more of the Wrangler Unlimited

Toyota Land Cruiser Arctic

Dream drive iceland arctic cruiser

Click the image to see more of the Arctic Cruiser

We’ve taken the fully capable SUV King and made it even more capable – Welcome to the heavyweight section. For years, Toyota Land Cruiser has ruled the Icelandic SUV market and for a good reason. It sits high above the ground and has a 4 wheel drive system perfect for any Icelandic condition.  By modifying the Land Cruiser we created the Arctic edidtion. The Arctic Cruiser is packing some heavy duty stuff too. We have fitted it with 35″ tires and a snorkle air-intake to make it safely get you across the rough trails of the Icelandic highland.

The Iconic Super Defender

Dream Drive Defender Iceland

Click the image to see more of the Super Defender

This is “the chosen one”. Our most desired and at the same time our most rare vehicle: The Iconic Land Rover Defender. Oh and yeah, we’ve modified it!

We have taken the (now out of production) offroad legend and supersized it, creating the Super Defender. The Super Defender has been fitted with 33″ tires making it capable of traversing extreme terrain and tough highland trails in the Icelandic wilderness. A body widening kit and a snorkel make this Land Rover ready to take on basically everything you are likely to encounter in Icelandic conditions. It will fit 5 – 7 persons but if you fill the car with passengers you’ll have little room for luggage. That’s why we fitted a roof rack, just make sure the luggage stored there is weather proof.

Mercedes Benz G Wagon Professional

A long time ago, some engineers in Graz developed a completely new kind of DNA: the DNA of an off-road vehicle – iconic, rugged, almost indestructible. It was the birth of the Geländewagen.

G wagon dream drive Iceland

Click the image to see more of the G Wagon

Today you may know the Mercedes Benz G-Wagon as a status symbol for the real houswife of Beverly Hills, but don’t think for a second we’re going to offer you some pimped out Hollywood G-Wagon edition. We’re offering the Proffessional Edition! You may notice a trend here and you guessed it – We have a Modified G-Wagon.

Equipped with 34″ tires, roof rack and no Hollywood nonsence, the G-Wagon is highland ready. It has three differential locks that can be individually selected plus a low – range gearbox to ensure optimum traction at low speeds. This vehicle not only looks good, it performes.

Dream Drive
-Luxury Edition-

Jaguar F-Pace

Jaguar F pace iceland dream drive

Click the image to see more of the Jaguar F Pace

Jaguar is one of the most iconic British car manufacturers who have introduced us to some of the worlds most beautiful cars. Today, Jaguar has grown to be a reliable car manufacturer that puts their unique touch on modern day cars. After the Jaguar – Land Rover merger in 2008, Jaguar has some real SUV technology to work with, the result being The Jaguar F-PACE. A performance SUV that combines the true Jaguar DNA, legendary performance, handling and luxury with practicality and space. The interior is luxurious with personalized mood lighting giving a business class level of luxurious feeling. The Jaguar has great driving capabilities that make the F-PACE a perfect choice for a true driving enthusiast.

Range Rover Sport

Range Rover Sport iceland

Click the image to see more of the Range Rover Sport

When it comes to luxury SUV’s, the Range Rover is a true status symbol of the refined. Based on the iconic offroading 4×4, Range Rover has taken a step towards complete luxury. The Range Rover Sport has it all, with a contemporary feel everywhere you look and innovative air suspension which provides exceptional ride stability and ride comfort. When you sit behind the steering wheel of a Range Rover Sport, you feel the luxury right there at your fingertips, so grab on, hold tight and enjoy the ride.

Dream Drive
-Eco Friendly Edition-

Mini Countryman Plug-in Hybrid

Mini countryman plug in hybrid dream drive iceland

Click the image to see more of the Mini Countryman

Next up – a modern twist on a 60’s icon – The Mini Cooper S Countryman PHEV (plug-in Hybrid electric vehicle). It comes with the same assured cockiness of the ´60s version but is now blended with the sophistication of the modern world: the new Mini is like a blend of those other British icons where Michael Caine meets Daniel Craig. The bulked up Mini Countryman with 4WD does not stand in the shadow of the mid-size SUVs and has a very solid look about it on the outside.

The Mini has great eco credentials being a plug-in hybrid that will take you 42 km on battery and for the rest of its 500 km range on the petrol engine.

BMW i3 – Fully Electric

The energy exchange has started and we’re leading the way! By offering futuristic, fully electric cars, the BMW i3 is different to any pertrol car – the drive is really amazing and deserves the i3 his place in the Dream Drive Collection. The funky BMW i3 hatchback has a carbon-fiber and aluminum structure with a very capable all-electric motor. The i3 can go up to 180 KM on one charge making it great for city drives and shorter trips, leaving no eco footprint behind. For those who like to make a full size roadtrip with an electric car, you can read or blog on driving electric cars in Iceland.

BMW i3

Click the image to see more of the BMW i3

Dream Drive
-Honourable Mentions-

Our Dream Drive Collection doesn’t only contain cars that only exist in your dreams. We have some affordable options that will easily make your Iceland adventure a dream come true. We’ll call this selection the “honourable mentions” of the Dream Drive Collection.

Jeep Renegade

Jeep renegade iceland

Click the image to see more of the Jeep Renegade

Land Rover Discovery Sport

Land Rover Discovery sport iceland

Click the image to see more of the Discovery Sport

Land Rover Discovery 5

Discovery lr5 iceland

Click the image to see more of the Discovery 5

Get Ready
for your Dream Drive

The cars mentioned in this post are only a fraction of the vehicles we offer. Go to our website where you can see the full list of vehicles we offer, check our prices and make your reservation through our online booking engine. It’s so easy you can even do the whole process on your smartphone.

For further inspiration on where to go you can check out Roy’s Roadtrip on our Blog and remember, every trip is an adventure.

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