Things to do in Iceland during Snowstorms

The weather in Iceland

They say if you don’t like the weather in Iceland, wait 5 minutes. Unfortunately, during the winter season the weather can quickly go from bad to worse.

During snow storms in Iceland we simply recommend to stay inside and let the storm blow over. We know you probably have a bunch of this you’d like to explore during your Iceland winter but Snowstorms in Iceland are not do be messed with.

Land Rover Defender Iceland

Respect the warnings

The locals are pretty used to the bad weather in Iceland, so when we send out a storm warning, you should read carefully and do as they say. When you combine tough winds and snow you get a full blackout making it very easy to get lost, even on the highway. 

It’s no fun spending hours stuck in a pile of snow so just wait it out. You’ll be able to enjoy the snow eventually.

The following websites offer very reliable information regarding road and weather conditions and we recommend following them on a daly basis during your stay in Iceland:


For tips on driving in winter see here: www.geysir.is/winter-travel

So what to do during a Snowstorms in Iceland?

Get Creative

Get out a deck of cards or perhaps your hotel or guesthouse has some board games for you to play. Mix up with the locals and they could even teach you some of the Icelandic board games we have.

Get Cosy

Wrap yourself up in the warmest clothes you have and take a walk to the closest coffee shop or café and have some hot chocolate and enjoy the mad scenery outsided.

Get… drunk

Let’s face it, you’re probably not going anywhere anytime soon. So why not explore the wide range of seasonal beers we have in Iceland. You can get stocked up in the local liquor shop or simply hop over to the nearest bar or café (by foot of course). 

Be patient

The storm will blow over eventually and usually it leaves the most beautiful scenery behind. When the sun comes out and the whole land is covered by snow you know it was worth waiting it out.

Snowstorms usually leave the most stunning scenery in Iceland.