What is not covered by insurance?

The basic CDW insurances does not cover the following (as stated in our Terms and conditions):


  • – Intentional damages or damages caused by gross negligence on the part of the renter.
  • – Damages resulting from the driver being under the influence of controlled or illegal substances, or in any other way being unable to operate the vehicle in a safe manner.
  • – Damages occurred by a race or test driving.
  • – Damages occurred by war, revolution, civil unrest, or riots.
  • – Damages caused by animals.
  • – Holes and marks burned into seats, carpets, or mats.
  • – Damages affecting only wheels, tires, suspension, batteries, glass (other than windows), radios, or loss by theft of parts of the vehicle and damage resulting from this.
  • – Damages caused by driving on rough roads, e.g. to the transmission, the drive or drive shaft, and other parts in or attached to the chassis.
  • – Damages to the chassis, or any part of the car, resulting from the vehicle scraping bottom on rough roads. The same applies to damages occurring when stones are thrown up, striking the underside of the car while being driven. The underside of the car is not insured.
  • – Damages resulting from driving in places where driving is banned, such as paths, tracks, banks of snow, ice, unbridged rivers or streams, beaches, places only accessible at low tide, or other trackless areas. The car is not insured when crossing rivers or driving in water of any kind.
  • – River crossing must be done with extreme care.
  • – Damages to the car caused by driving on mountain roads and roads marked F on a map or a road sign, including Kjölur (road 35), Kaldidalur (road 550) and Sprengisandur (road 26) routes. (This does not extend to 4wd and all wheel drive cars accepted by Geysir for use on mountain roads – approved cars are insured on all marked roads and tracks).
  • – Water damages to the car, its electrical system, accessories or engine.
  • – Damages caused by sand, gravel, ash, pumice, or other kind of earth material being blown onto the vehicle.
  • – No compensation will be paid for damage caused by sea spray/seawater, if the vehicle is transported by sea.
  • – Reference is made to the general conditions for accident insurance (Icelandic:kaskótrygging) as set by TM insurance company at www.tm.is

No insurance covers damages to the underside of the car, to the tires and wheels of the car, or damages caused by water when driving over rivers, pools of water or in lakes. The same applies if the renter puts fuel, water, oil or other solvents in a wrong tank on the car. The excess fees with CDW or SCDW do not extend to any of the above damages. The renter bears all risk and all cost of such damages.