Driving an Electric Car in Iceland

With the energy exchange being an actual thing, Geysir is leading the way by offering a range of environmental friendly hybrid and electric car selection. We’ve done the research, we feel the interest – next up is supplying the product and sharing the “how to”.

The “how to?”

In the start of 2018, The Icelandic environmental agency in partnership with ON Power closed the ring road no. 1 with electric charging stations, with no two stations with over 100km in between them. These charging stations are accessible for all our electric cars – having the charge being as simple as driving up to the station and plug in the car. All our electric cars are rented out with a charging key that gives access to all the ON Power stations in Iceland. The key will gather all the charges and payment for the charging takes place at the end of the rental.

The Range

The range of electric cars is different between models, but the most common range is from 150 KM to 200 KM. This range makes it perfect for city driving, but you can also put together a pretty nice road trip – as long as you plan ahead with the charging stations in mind. If you need any road trip inspiration you can check out the Geysir Blog.

The cost

The ON Power charging stations will charge ISK 39 per minute, and 20 minutes of charging should take an average electric car up to 80% charge, since most of the ON Power charging stations charge 50kwh/hr. 40 minutes of charge should get the battery close to full, so you should plan your stops with that time in mind.

An electric car in praxis

Attached here below is some useful content before you head off with your electric car. If you have any further questions do not hesitate to send us an email at info@geysir.is or reach out on facebook messenger.


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