Exceptional Geysir Reviews

Nurturing the customer relationship

In the last few months we’ve been gathering Geysir reviews, stories and ratings from our customers. Our research this winter was based on conversations with our customers, email surveys and reviews we collected post rental. The point of all this research was to build a better relationship with our customers, improve our service and increase efficiency.

Geysir Reviews satisfaction rateFor a small family company like Geysir the relationship with our customers is one of our most priced posession. We are absolutely amazed about the results and we’re really thankful for all the feedback.
We got some really useful input that we’ve already implimented, but the end result is amazing. 98% of our customers are happy with our service and will use Geysir again for their next Iceland trip.

About the survey

We collected answers from our customers after they returned their rental car. The questionnaire was diverse where we asked about their trip and their experience with Geysir. We got 250 answers to the survey during a one month period.

The results are astonishing and they are in line with previous results we’ve seen. In late 2017 Geysir sent out a survey in cooperation with the Icelandic Road Administration. The survey was about tourism travel behaviour in Iceland. We also asked about our customer experience where 98% of the participants were happy with their experience with Geysir.

Interesting Facts

Mini countryman plug in hybrid dream drive iceland

Our customer survey takes on more subjects then customer satisfaction. One subject that’s close to our heart this moment is Electric and Hybrid Vehicles. We are quite happy to see that over 75% of the participants were positive about renting an Electric or a Hybrid Vehicle in Iceland.

Geysir is taking the lead to offer electric vehicles to rent in Iceland and we’re really positive about the feedback we have received. Starting out with just a few options, we’re hoping to expand further in the future, exploring more hybrid and fully electric car options.

The importance of Geysir reviews

We are continuously collecting reviews from our customers to help us improve and develop our service, keeping up with the customers demands. We’re perfectly transparent when it comes to the Geysir reviews and we trust the customer to see what is what when they read through them. We value each and every input and appreciate everyone who takes their time to give us their review.

For more reviews you can see Geysir Car Rental on Facebook and Google.

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