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Traditional Icelandic dish with salmon steak and baked potatoes and vegetables
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Discovering Iceland’s Rich Food Culture: Tasting the Wonderful and the Weird!

Icelandic food will transport you back to the time of Vikings and the country’s first settlers – with dishes steeped in traditional techniques. Iceland’s history, climate, and geography underpin a unique culinary style, making it a popular destination for foodies seeking something a little different. 

Studlagil Basalt Canyon Iceland
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Stuðlagil Canyon: East Iceland’s Secret Revealed

Until recently, Stuðlagil Canyon lay hidden by the deep, rapid-flowing waters of the River Jökla.  Just over a decade ago, this landscape was transformed, revealing one of east Iceland’s best-kept secrets.  The transformation happened when the Kárahnjúkavirkjun hydroelectric plant opened in 2009, and much of the River Jökla was redirected into the new Hálslón Reservoir. […]

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10 top things to do in Iceland in Spring 2023

Spring months are ideal for discovering what Iceland has to offer, especially if you’re keen to avoid the summer crowds or want to take advantage of lower prices for accommodation or car hire.  However, it’s worth noting that the weather can still be unpredictable, so packing for wind, rain, and sunshine is essential. For road-trippers, some […]